Steilacoom Tribal Museum

Welcome to the Home of the Steilacoom Tribe

Tribal History Museum

In 1987 the Steilacoom Tribe had the opportunity to purchase a building located within the Historic District of the Town bearing their name: Steilacoom. According to historical records, the building was built using materials from the old church, which was torn down; as well as timbers from the Methodist Episcopal Church, which was built in 1854. It became the new home of the Oberlin Congregational Church in 1903. The building was their home until they chose to build in a new location across the street in 1961. At that time it was purchased and used as a home for over 20 years.

The Cultural Center and Museum is located in the aboriginal homeland of the Steilacoom Tribe, overlooking the water of Puget Sound. It houses the Tribal office & archives; the Tribal Museum and Tribal Gift Shop, as well as our Fry Bread Café. It is also maintained as a focal point and place for our People to come together regularly throughout the year. It is our Home. Our Reservation.

At the door as you enter, in proud commemoration of our ancestors, are inscribed these words:

"The Steilacoom Tribal Cultural Center is hereby dedicated in memory of the Tribal ancestors who walked here before us to be shared for all time with those that follow." 

Steilacoom Tribal Cultural Center and Museum. Located in the Historical Town of Steilacoom, WA at 1515 Lafayette Street.

Hours of Operation

We are currently preparing for a long-awaited construction project. You can follow along with this journey on our "Construction" page. We still invite you to schedule private Storytelling or Speaker events with our People. See details below.

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Previous Tribal Chairman Danny with his Granddaughter Shianna. Storytelling together for the Charles Wright Academy  in 2015.


Storytelling & Group Tours

We are currently preparing for a construction project that will mean we cannot invite visitors to our Museum, temporarily. However, we still have opportunities for Storytelling and Speaker events. Send an email to with your request. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule!

Additional Information:

There is a non-refundable deposit fee of $50 to save the date for an event with us. This deposit will go directly towards the total end cost of your event. We may have Steilacoom Tribal Storytellers or speakers who are available to travel to local schools or venues. Please share all of the details for your request in your email. We look forward to meeting you and to sharing our Tribal History. Thank you!

Photos on this page provided by Website Editor: Lacie, Steilacoom Tribal Volunteer.