Building Project

Welcome to the Home of the Steilacoom Tribe

March 2024 Updates

A Heartfelt Thank You & Exciting Update from the Steilacoom Tribal Museum

As we stand on the brink of a new chapter in our Museum's story, we're pausing to express our deepest gratitude to the incredible Community that has brought us to this moment. The journey towards our upcoming renovation has truly been a collaborative effort, and it’s your support that lights our path forward.

A Huge Thank You to Our Volunteers & Supporters

We've been overwhelmed by the generosity of our Community during the packing phase. Thanks to so many of you, we had all the boxes and packing supplies we needed. You helped turn a daunting task into a testament of community spirit. A special shout-out to our dedicated volunteers from the United States Army at JBLM—your help was invaluable. Your efforts have not only prepared our building for its next phase but also fortified the bond between us. 

Behind-the-Scenes Heroes

Our journey wouldn't be possible without the tireless support from the Town of Steilacoom staff, the Mayor, Steilacoom community volunteers, and the Steilacoom Town Council. In addition to our Steilacoom Tribal Council, and our building project managers that we've had throughout the project. All of the behind-the-scenes work is ensuring that our Tribal Museum will continue to preserve our People's History. We are embracing a future where we will continue to be a beacon of the Culture and Heritage of the Steilacoom Tribe. We’re on the cusp of beginning construction and can hardly wait to embark on this transformational phase. Scroll down to see a collection of photos that capture some of these moments of preparation. Thank you to Sakari, from our Tribal Youth, for this visual representation of the journey we're eager to share with you.  Stay tuned as we will continue to share updates with you as they are available.

Photos on this page are provided by: Sakari, Steilacoom Tribal Youth. Photo & Website Editor: Lacie, Steilacoom Tribal Volunteer.

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