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"Now what I want to say is this. My home is at Shilacum [Steilacoom] Creek and there is where I want to live and die. I wish to tell the Governor that every Indian loves his native land best. Every Indian loves his own people best."

Sam Young, Chief of the Steilacoom Tribe

At the Fox Island Council, August 4, 1856. 

Today the Steilacoom Tribe is led by a group of volunteers from our Steilacoom Tribal Citizens, the Steilacoom Tribal Council. In November 2023, Steilacoom Tribal Citizen, Rebecca Unzuetta, was voted in as Tribal Chairperson.

Click to learn about the Steilacoom Tribe's unbroken line of Leadership and Government. 

The Steilacoom Tribal Museum & Cultural Center is a Non-Profit run by volunteers. It is temporarily closed for construction.

1515 Lafayette St

Steilacoom, WA 98388 

Photos From Our Tribal Gift Shop

Former Steilacoom Tribal Chairman Danny (right) with granddaughter Shianna. Storytelling at our Tribal Museum, ca. 2015.